Laura Harrington


Rangers Coach


Laura grew up in Fort Wayne. She attended and played soccer at Carroll High School. After high school she was an assistant coach to the Carroll team for a year, while attending IPFW. After which Laura transferred to Purdue, W. Lafayette and coached a local soccer league team. After graduating, Laura spent several years coaching Central Noble girls JV basketball team and 8th grade girls’ basketball teams. She then transitioned back to Carroll High School as the freshman assistant coach for girls’ volleyball.

After meeting Chris, Laura joined him in Chicago and coached high school volleyball and basketball for a few years.

In 2015, the Harrington’s moved back to the area with their daughter. Laura’s soccer interested started up again as Chris coached their daughter at the Angola YMCA for a few years. Once their son came along and was old enough to play at the YMCA, Chris coached, and Laura cheered on and was asked to help more at practices. Laura then assisted Chris at the YMCA as coach for a couple years and was head coach for a year.

Joining the Rangers family has been such a wonderful experience and Coach Laura is excited to be a part of what’s to come.