Ethan Hood

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Little Rangers Director


Ethan is the Little Rangers Director for the Rangers Soccer Academy; responsible for all programs intended for our youngest players from ages 2 up to 10 years old. An alumnus of the Rangers Academy, Ethan has previously implemented the foundational phase training programs at both Fort Wayne United and Garrett Youth Soccer clubs. He has coached 15+ years in rec, club, middle school and high school soccer, and holds various National Soccer Development Diplomas and Licenses.

Ethan is the Sports Director at the YMCA and helps create partnerships between the club and community. Ethan also has served as a teacher in the community, which helps him to understand the psychology of the age group he is educating, developing, and inspiring.

Coach Ethan also leads our Rangers Supplemental Soccer Training, providing opportunities for 1-on-1 or small-group training sessions for any players.

“I believe that a quality learning environment is Reality based, is Holistic in nature, Experiential driven, and Autonomy supported. At the end of the day, we want our children to be healthy, have fun with their soccer experience, and learn valuable life lessons they will take with them into adulthood.” – Coach Ethan, LRD