rangers academy


The mission of the Rangers Academy is to create a soccer environment that teaches respect for the game, oneself and community in a manner that is empowering and builds self-confidence in every player. We emphasize the development of each individual player to reach their desired potential. Teamwork, mutual respect, humility, and discipline are all integral for a player to achieve their highest potential on and off the field.

Player Development

We utilize an academy focus in developing our players. The focus of the academy is to develop the individual technical skill of all players in the club. This means all members of the club are a part of the academy first and foremost and during academy training we focus on the development of the individual player. Players that have achieved a proficient level of technical development and physical development are invited to join a Rangers Academy travel team. The focus of the travel teams is to take the individual players and expose them to team concepts and tactics.

Our Commitment

  • Promote the game of soccer and the growth of our members, teams, and Club.
  • Prioritize the importance of family over the needs of the team.
  • Encourage participation in activities outside of soccer that promote community awareness and encourage other school activities and school sports.
  • Create an environment in which all players can reach their full potential and generate self-confidence and positive self-esteem.
  • Always treat our players, their families, our opponents, and officials with respect.
  • Train in a reality-based learning environment.
  • Subscribe to a holistic approach of education, where we train the whole person, which is more valuable than individual specific personal dimensions.

our history

The Rangers Academy was founded in 2006 by three individuals in the Auburn Community that identified a need for an organized soccer program in DeKalb County. The three decided that there was a need to create an academy that would be centered on the development of each and every player. All players, regardless of ability or income level, would have an opportunity to reach their full potential in soccer. Thus, the All Star Soccer Academy was founded with the tag line, “Where All Players are Stars!”. The club ran as a soccer training academy from 2006 through 2010, when a large number of the kids had the desire to play competitive soccer. With this, the club joined the Indiana Soccer League and began playing in competitive travel leagues.

In 2010, with creating a partnership with the Rangers Football Club, we became known as the Rangers Academy. From that time, through today, the club continues to focus on the development of each and every player.